Celebrating the hundreds of people who achieved their fat loss goals with the help of “Pardeep Kumar” 

Pardeep, an expert Nutritionist has been a guide, friend and mentor into the field of fitness and nutrition for me. He made my efforts goal oriented and achievable. Only after his consistent follow up and motivation I achieved my fat loss goal  (around 8 kg of fat loss ) which I use to perceive as unachievable. Pardeep's understanding of the body anatomy and nutrition is beyond praise. I highly recommend Pardeep  for all your fitness and nutrition goals."

            -Ankita Saluja


" As like other IT professionals, I too gained a lot of weight within last one year.
Weighing around 76 kg with lots of belly fat, I decided to look for a Nutritionist/Dietician. Through one of my colleague, I came to know about Pardeep.
I consulted with Pardeep (the expert nutritionist), my experience with Pardeep is very good. He listens to me very patiently and provided me the Intermittent Fasting diet plan and within two weeks I could see the effects. I lost around 5 kg of fat and gained muscle in a month. Pardeep is a professional and I am still following the plans shared by him"



Got a personalized diet plan from Pardeep. In the  first two weeks itself I lost 2.4 kgs of fat. Although weight loss was the aim, but it is not the only benefit.
We started only after a detailed in body analysis and BMI report so it was a personalized plan for my body and goals. As a part of the plan there was also a chart of the macros and micro nutrients which I quite liked. Before the plan began we had a session where the nutritionist explained not just the WHAT but also the WHY. And the positivity and motivation that I could do it as well as anybody helped. So did the tools and apps he suggested.
Still continuing the plan and continuing to get the benefits. All in all a great package deal and I would definitely recommend Pardeep to anybody who wants to take a step towards good health. Just do it!"

        -Sapna Katti